Hanging wall art display play in Home Interior Design March 16 2022

Graphic wall art is trending now in home interior design, providing personalized individual style, while maintaining a contemporary, minimalist look. Our Display Systems offer a variety of ways to display personalized artwork, using hanging display hardware that, until now, has primarily been used in museums, galleries and storefront display. We are always amazed at the creative ways our customers utilize our Hanging Display Systems and welcome any photos of your...

Corporate Brochure Holder - Rod Display System March 16 2022


Quality Standoffs Verses Cheaper Brands March 16 2022

Buyers sometimes ask us: “Why should I pay more for your brand when I can buy  the same product elsewhere at a lower price”? The reason is actually very simple. All these products may look similar at first glance, but when examined with a critical eye, the differences become very apparent. This matters to you and, crucially, it will also be something in which retailers of premium products, who may...

Sneeze Guard barriers offer protection without sacrificing asthetic design February 15 2021

In light of the current necessity of social distancing, rod display hardware can be utilized to give added protection in corporate and office settings. Custom sneeze guard partitions are, not only functional, but can be incorporated into your existing office environment without sacrificing aesthetic interior design.

"Bespoke" defined in versatile cable and rod display systems May 22 2017

The term "Bespoke" is used very little in the U.S., but is commonly used in the U.K. So we decided to define it for you, since its meaning clearly defines the functionality and asthetics of our suspended display systems. The definition: it is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser...personalization of an...

How to maintain a happy customer May 21 2017

First of all, let me clarify that it would be unreasonable for a shrewd, well-informed business person not to try new products and look for better pricing to insure profitability. In fact, we encourage it because it gives them the opportunity to compare our product, pricing and ease of installation with our competitors. While there are some similarities in the sign display hardware that is being made available at extremely...

Architectural Display Hardware May 21 2017

Architectural display systems can add sophistication and a modern look to a custom office sign or display. This type of display hardware is typically fabricated from aluminum but can also be brass, steel, and even plastic. The most common finishes are natural anodized aluminum in brushed or satin, but other finishes include chrome, gold, black, and brass. Many of these products are useful for both indoor sign systems as well...
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