SDS Cable Systems

Combining strength with subtlety, suspended cable display hanging solution is the acknowledged favorite of many customers. A wide choice of components offer almost limitless design possibilities, from simple poster displays to complex shelving solutions. Sign Design Systems suspended display systems are ideal for applications requiring interchangeable flexibility. Available in 1.5mm for subtle, lightweight projects or 3mm for heavy duty applications, where the flexibility and visual appeal of stainless steel cable is also required. Ideal for applications such as:

  • Storefront & retail displays
  • Directories & corporate displays
  • Real estate window displays
  • Create wire shelving


A maximum of 140kg can be carried by the 1.5mm cable and 200 kg on the 3.0mm cable. These loads refer to the cable, the end stops and tensioners with inline fixing plates fixed directly to a suitable ceiling and floor substrate. Flexibility is a fundamental quality of the cable system. Standard components allow a single or double cable drop to be fixed floor to ceiling, floor to wall or wall to ceiling, enabling graphic panels, shop fitting accessories or cabinets to be supported.

Note: Cable accessories, track and wall fixings will not support these loads. Please contact Sign Design Systems for technical information and fixing instructions. 

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